Sensei Peter Reynolds (6th Dan)

I have been training for over 30 years in Iwama Aikido, and currently hold the rank of 6th Dan. I also hold a level one weapons scroll, awarded by Saito Sensei. I have trained under some of the best teachers in the world over those years and continue to travel along the Aikido path.

Sensei Mark Berry (2nd Dan)

I started Aikido in 1987 aged 21 after watching demonstration of four attackers against the teacher who was easily able to bounce them around the mat and I was hooked. I have had the pleasure of training in both the UK and Europe when my work takes me abroad, and have previously run my own club.

Sensei Kevin Haywood (1st Dan)

I started Aikido in the summer of 1996 and once I began training my fascination for the art grew only stronger. I started buying many books on Aikido, trained as many sessions as I could and attended many UK seminars with some of the top instructors. I also hold a Black Belt in Kickboxing and Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.